Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Episode #2- 2006 Year in Review

This episode we look back at all the releases that came out on AOTU in 2006.

Frame- 28
The Bayonettes- Dead End Kids
Kind of Like Spitting- Aubergine
Kind of Like Spitting- The Thrill of the Hunt
Lemuria- Keep Quiet
Kitty Little- Cute

Art of the Underground Podcast- Episode #2

Monday, December 11, 2006

Episode #1- Single Series Year 1- The A sides

Here is the premier Art of the Underground podcast. Our guest co-host this time is Stephen Floyd of One Percent Press. Our topic was the A sides of the first year of the Single Series. Hope you enjoy it!

The Failure’s Union- Friends in Jail
Mischief Brew- Oh Sweet Misery
Skate Korpse-Rochester Blues
Robert Blake-Storms of November
Kitty Little-Green Thumbs
The Only Children-Mr. Paige

Art of the Underground Podcast- Episode #1