Friday, March 30, 2007

Episode #8- Robert Blake Interview

I had the pleasure of talking with Robert Blake recently where he discussed what it's like to tour in Ireland, why he doesn't tour in his own car, why he loves pancakes, and a whole lot more.

Robert Blake- Chancer
Robert Blake- Maxine
Robert Blake- Didnt We

Art of the Underground Podcast- Episode #8

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Episode #7- AOTU Spin-off Bands

Stephen from One Percent Press joined me again as we played some Art of the Underground related bands.

Sonorous Gale- Mark My Slurs
Team Chocolate- Four Days and Forty Nights
The Grade Grubbers- Candy Land
Lieutenant- Track one
Girlfriends Kill- Linear Park
White York- In the Cave
Swingset Hands- New Armour Duelles
Tin Armor- The Misanthrope

Art of the Underground Podcast- Episode #7

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Episode #6- Single Series Year 2- A sides

Alex, owner of Art of the Underground and drummer of Lemuria joined us again while we discussed the A sides of year 2 of the Single Series.

The Bayonettes- Dead End Kids
The Ergs- Jazz is Like the New Coke
Off With Their Heads- Please Don't Call the Cops on Me
Lemuria- In a World of Ghosts
Ringers- Lame Jokes and Sneers
Monikers- Fallen Angels

Art of the Underground Podcast- Episode #6

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Episode #5- History of Art of the Underground

We interviewed the owner of Art of the Underground, Alex Kerns, and learned a little about how the label got started, and where it is going.


Lemuria- Bristles and Whiskers
The Ergs- Saturday Nite Crap Or Rama
Robert Blake- White River Junction
The Only Children- Change of Living
The Marked Men- A Little Time
Tilly and the Wall- Reckless

Art of the Underground Podcast- Episode #5

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Episode #4- All Buffalo Show

I was joined by Biff of Feral Kid Records and the band I Object for this episode where we played all bands from Buffalo,NY.

The Failures Union- A Layer of Cotton
Ebola Virus (featuring SARS)- High Fee
Abusing the Word- The Money's in Ventriloquism
Running For Cover- untitled track from new album
The Exit Strategy- Your Acidic Spit Is Eating Through My Brass
Lemuria- Trivial Greek Mythology
Robot Has Werewolf Hand- Christ is the Answer
I Object- Teaching Revenge

Art of the Underground Podcast- Episode #4

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Episode #3- The Folk Episode

I was joined by Micah of the band Unwelcome Guests for this folk themed episode.

The Only Children- Sky Begins to Storm
Michael Truckpile- Prop Me Up
Rachel Jacobs- Collectible Mugs
Erik Petersen- Old Time Memry
Robert Blake- Afternoon
Unwelcome Guests- Standing Outside the Bar

Art of the Underground Podcast- Episode #3